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To be the leading and most reliable provider of branding and management services to fashion designers and creatives in the Caribbean and diaspora.

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Ain Earle, Founder/Lead Consultant


Our goals will be achieved through strategic services and resources, partnerships, quality events and a creative and sustainable community.

We help creatives design their success and share their expressions with the world, while increasing awareness for greater business achievement.

An  avid supporter and advocate  of  Trinidad and  Caribbean fashion coupled with  her  educational  background  in  Tourism  and  Hospitality Management, Ain thrives on attaining quality service, awareness and acceptance of local talents and products.   Because of this passion and being introduced to the local fashion scene some years ago she always thought that more could be done to raise awareness of and respect for the designers around her.

Hence she and two other colleagues started Racked  –  The  Fashion  Market,  an  inclusive  shopping  experience, exposing fashion  and accessories  designers and their  unique, quality products,  all  100%  designed  and  made  right  here  in  Trinidad  & Tobago, or by a  Trinbagonian living abroad. This event  has solidified her   interest   in   assisting   with   producing   new   experiences   for networking  with clients  and  buyers  and  guaranteeing that there  is continued brand  profitability  through her  committed service,  hence The  Fashion  Arch (FA) was born. 

She has served on the board of  the Fashion Association of Trinidad and Tobago as well as the Caribbean Fashion Arts Feature Festival and as the Artisan Market and Green Expo coordinator with New Fire Festival 2016-2020. Ain was also awarded the Female Entrepreneur of the Year, 2022 by the National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited (NEDCO).

The Fashion Arch curates, creates and promotes a  brand story for clients that produces a connection between each piece/product/service and its customer. Ain and The FA team prides themselves with bridging a gap for designers by enhancing their marketing and branding foothold while assisting with opportunities for new business and partnerships.  Working with local and regional fashion brands as well as collaborating in events held in Barbados,  Suriname,  Jamaica, Washington,  DC and most recently New York  has solidified her career and ability to offer strategic consulting, brand development and liaison services for fashion, lifestyle and creative brands.

The Fashion Arch brand wants to create legacies in the fashion and creative industries by creating excellence and sustainable brands through quality production, business operations, increased exposure and media stay.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, The Fashion Arch had to develop new ways to not only serve its client but maintain relevance. A complimentary aspect of the brand’s mission was created through the integration and collaboration with local and regional designers and artisans. The Arch has strengthened not just in the form of development but also through collaboration further awareness and recognition via affiliation with the FA brand.

The Fashion Arch Lifestyle was created to provide chic yet comfortable lounge, office and resort wear to its clients through local manufacturing and due to the difficult times wellness items have been curated to create various packages and bundles to assist with alleviating stress, anxiety and tension.

The Fashion Arch