This section is curated by our event arm – The Fashion Arch Gallery.
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The Fashion Arch Gallery

The Fashion Arch Gallery is the event arm of the branding consultancy, The Fashion Arch, which aims to create a space where creativity is highlighted and promoted, a home for local and regional fashion, art and culture.


Stay tuned to this page as well as our Facebook page for more details on all our

Pop Ups, Workshops, Strategy Sessions and other Fashion Events across the region.


The Fashion Arch continues to thrive to build, support and shape the creative industry by creating high quality, interactive and information online and in person sessions.
Events will be hosted and facilitated by The Fashion Arch and would at times be in partnerships with reputable and experienced stakeholders from across the globe.
To attend or register please click on links provided. Once registered, you will receive an email with instructions on how to confirm, view or attend the event.  Presentations, documents and other materials would be provided once stated.
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